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Wine Club Newsletter - November 2022

Updated: May 10

You may have already seen the “Changes in our New World” letter on the following page as it is a general notice we sent out on our email blast to the people who have been coming to The WineSellar & Brasserie for many years.

Long story short, we had to relinquish about half of our space because the landlord raised the rent an additional $10,000 a month. This has been a real challenge for us for the last few weeks, as we have been trying to fit a size twelve foot into a size six shoe.

You, our Club Members, are highly valued to us, and we want to thank you for your continuing support through this whole experience. We promise to keep providing you with great selections every month, as we have for the past twenty-five plus years. Also important, is to continue to provide you with the opportunity to have the club benefits, especially the tasting of all the club wines, as we were doing on the second Wednesday of each month.

With the demise of our Casual Side space, we can no longer fit the 80-100 club members who attend the tasting each month in our now smaller space. Because of that, we are going to introduce a tasting option we hope you find even more enjoyable than the 2nd Wednesday event, which is to split the club tasting into two Saturday afternoon tastings per month. You can pick whichever one works better for your schedule.

The format will pretty much remain the same, with the same favorite bar food options provided as we always have, but with the addition of lunch specials for those who would like to enjoy Brasserie food while tasting, and maybe try something new! We will endeavor to make these specials well priced, and of course, delicious.

Many years ago, we did Saturday wine tastings here with a different theme each week. They were wildly popular, and people loved to linger and lounge throughout the day, and then have a low-key Saturday evening, and we would like to bring back that lazy Saturday vibe back for you.

We ask that you reserve your Saturday spot by phone reservation for now, as we want everyone to be able to enjoy their tastings in comfort, and space is more limited than before. Again, one Saturday per Club member and guest each month, thank you. (Although if seats are open for both, you are welcome to revisit, you would just have to pay for the second round.)

Saturday arrival times range from noon until 1:30, for purposes of kitchen execution of food and to give the WineSellar Staff more time to talk while pouring for you.

If for any reason, this new tasting opportunity is something you just cannot work into your schedule, please let us know so we can try to adjust or redirect to try and include everybody.

We are trying our very best to accommodate our very loyal club following, and we thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of change and growth.

Thank you!  Gary Parker.


Changes in our New World

Our New World:

The WineSellar & Brasserie opened in 1988 and now 34 years later, we are still so proud to be serving our community. Through all these years we have been able to continue to give exceptional product and service to our customers. We feel truly blessed, thank you!

However, we are all in changing times now . . . we are calling it our New World.  

The last few years we have had some eye-opening issues: a global pandemic in COVID, resultant multiple lockdowns, inflation, threat of a recession, a diminishing workforce that command higher wages, an affecting war, and supply chain issues.

In addition to these challenges, we are now being subjected to an 80% increase in our rent costs, effective October 1, 2022. 

As a result of these matters, we have decided to transition to our New World by returning our tenancy to the original footprint we had here at 9550 Waples Street, circa 1988.

Our date for this event was realized October 1, 2022. However, even though we will be smaller in size, we will still offer the same services we always have.  The Brasserie Restaurant, The WineSellar wine shop, The Casual Side, the wine storage facility, and the wine clubs, as well as our wonderful international wine tours.

We will have our same fabulous staff, who have made your visits here special and personable.

We will be available for special events, parties, buy outs, meetings, and tailored menus. 

Also, our wine tastings, wine dinners, and all the fun events you've enjoyed will be in full swing!

Thank you for visiting us in our New World, at The WineSellar & Brasserie!

Thank you again for your great support over all these years!

With much appreciation,

Gary Parker




Gary Parker, Owner

The WineSellar & Brasserie

2021 David Hill Estate Pinot Noir
Download PDF • 293KB
2020 Justin Girardin Bourgogne Blanc
Download PDF • 266KB
2018 Record Family Genesis Cabernet
Download PDF • 297KB
2018 Ampelos, Syrache
Download PDF • 270KB
2017 Ektimo Cabernet Sauvignon
Download PDF • 273KB
2018 Mario Bazan Pinot Noir
Download PDF • 275KB
Nov. Recipes - Pumpkin Fries
Download PDF • 332KB

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