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The Wine Shop through a glass of wine

Wine Tasting

The WineSellar and Brasserie loves to expose our customers to new wines or let you revisit older or well loved wines.  To this extent, we offer and put on several different types of wine tasting events throughout the week, month and year.

We do Wednesday tastings each week in The Casual Side Bar downstairs in our full service casual bar.  No reservation needed, just pop in to try the fun and exciting wines we have to offer that evening (4-7pm, $15/person or $10 for club members).  The Casual Side also has a wonderful selection of craft beers, a full bar with custom and classic cocktails, and an exciting bar menu.

The WineSellar also occasionally does specialty VIP tastings, or just featured tastings of a particular winery, region or importer.  These tastings are fun, interesting, and educational!  Enjoy!

So, if you are interested in learning, tasting and having a great time doing so ... please join us at The WineSellar & Brasserie and let us open the door to the world of wine for your pleasure.

See you here!

See UPCOMING EVENTS for more specific details.

Wine Dinners

Wine. It’s the first word in our name. And the center of everything we do. Whether it’s our state-of-the-art wine storage facility, our acclaimed wine list and wine shop, or our highly- awarded French restaurant, wine is clearly our passion. And a passion we love to share with our guests by offering frequent wine tastings and private wine tours of the finest wine regions in the world.

At The WineSellar & Brasserie, we love to introduce our customers to new wines and reacquaint them with old favorites. To this extent, we offer several types of wine tasting events throughout the week, month and year. Every Wednesday, you can enjoy tastings with friends in our casual side wine bar. Special featured tastings of 4-5 wines representing different wineries, regions or importers occur once or twice a month as well, and provide a great chance to speak to representatives and learn more about something new. And twice a month, join us for a special winemaker dinner, where you can meet the vintners, brand ambassadors or owners of exceptional wineries while tasting and dining in the Brasserie.

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