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The WineSellar Shop

Why Buy Wine at The WineSellar

Or…Just Say No to Same Old Supermarket Wine.

Selection: Quality and Value Over Quantity

The WineSellar offers only the best and most complete small production, high quality domestic and international wines. We don’t buy pallets of wine produced by the high-volume wine factories typical of supermarkets and wine warehouses. At The WineSellar, every wine is personally selected, tasted and evaluated by our expert sommeliers and professional wine staff before making it to our shelves. Our wines have received the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand and Excellence awards every year since 1989. So when you choose a wine at The WineSellar you can be sure that it is a wine you can trust for its exceptional quality and great value. Whether it’s a rare, hard-to-find wine from France or an everyday favorite from Napa, look no further than The WineSellar for all your wine. The WineSellar… quality wines you just won’t find in “aisle 14.”

Passing Credit Card

Gifts: Say It with Wine

At The WineSellar, you’ll find a complete array of gifts, wine accessories and handmade gift baskets for any occasion. Need to box and ship it? Just ask. We’ll be happy to add a gift card to your package and send it on its way for you. Not sure about their tastes? Gift certificates for lunch or dinner in The Brasserie or for wine in the shop are also available. Gift Certificates are a great gift and easy to give and send.  Come in or call us and we can send the gift to anywhere in the world! Next time, make it special. Say it with wine from The WineSellar!

Wrapped Gift in Bag

Tailor Made Gifts

Looking for a unique gift that is a perfect fit for someone? Our wine concierge will execute their expertise to provide a gift hand-tailored to meet your particular needs.

Wrapped Gift in Bag
Door Delivery

Full Service Shipping

We ship wine and gifts anywhere they can lawfully be shipped. Allow our wine concierge to make all of the arrangements for you. We work hard to send your special gift to any destination on schedule and on your budget.

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